Attendance and Payroll Solution

Attendance and Payroll software

Manage employees attendance including (attendance transactions, vacations, missions, excuses, delays, overtime, ..etc), payroll including (contracts, salary items, rewards, deductions, absence, ..etc) . and files including (experience records, training, and qualifications)

Solution consists of 3 main modules

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General features

  • Integrated solution that manage HR, Attendance, and payroll.
  • Arabic/English user interface.
  • Working on different types of databases including MS SQL, Oracle, ...etc
  • User's privileges to manage access to system data securly.
  • Manage backup and restore of database.
  • Optionally links to other applications.
Logon Screen

Human resources module

  • Manage personal information (Name, Birth date, birth place, ...etc).
  • Manage Job information (Job title, department, section, insurance, ...etc).
  • Save employee's photos.
  • Manage Contract information (Contract type, job, period, salary items, ...etc).
  • Manage qualifications information.
  • Manage previous experience information.
  • Manage training data.
  • Manage different lists like departments list, sections list, ...etc.
  • Manage special information related to employee category like foreigners information of residency, nationality, ...etc.
  • Monitor rewards and punishments for an employee.
  • Many statistical and detailed reports by department, section, job and other parameters.
Employee Screen

Attendance module

  • Interface with many attendance recording device models (X638, HL5, IDF 3000, ....etc).
  • Support LAN, USB, Serial connections.
  • Flexible and unlimited attendance rules definition.
  • definition of excuses, missions, vacations, delays, and overtime rules.
  • Manage vacations balance.
  • Manage excuses and missions.
  • Monitor screen for security guards at gates.
  • Several statistical and detailed reports filtered by department, job, section, employee, period and many other parameters.

Payroll module

Report Sample
  • Manage contracts information.
  • Manage salary items and components.
  • Manage cuts and deductions.
  • Manage rewards and raises.
  • Manage taxes and taxes levels.
  • Manage insurance cuts.
  • Manage and generates salary slips and salary sheets.
  • Extracts taxes due values and sheets.
  • Extracts insurance due values and sheets.
  • Many statistical and detailed reports by department, section and many other parameters.
  • Send employee salary statement to their e-mail
  • Print and export bank salary sheet