Schools management system

Schools Management system

Manages students data, school fees, and bus fees with installments management. It provides several useful reports about students with age, area, and financial reports for income and delayed payments.

General features

  • User friendly Arabic/English interface.
  • Users and privileges management system
  • Detailed users action reports
  • Supports several database engines and servers

Students data management

  • Manage students data including parents information
  • Captures and saves students photos
  • Automatic calculation of age at year start
  • Search with name, grade, class or area of living and print search results in different formats
  • Manage students status either new, or transferred and the school transferred from
  • Print student file
  • Print students badges
  • Batch operations on students data like movement between classes, grades and areas
  • Detailed privileges for each role
  • Manage school fees and bus fees
  • Automatic movements for students from one grade to the other.
students screen

School and bus fees management

  • Configure school fees and installments for different grades
  • Configure bus fees and installments for all areas
  • Automatic calculation of fees and installments for students.
  • Allow cash and installment payments
  • Allow manual modifications for installments with privileges
  • Allow discounts for brothers, relatives and other reasons with reasons saved and monitored
  • Allow Adding new registeration fees
  • Print fees statements
  • Report students with delayed bus or school fees
  • Print alert memos for fees collection to students with delayed payments
  • Keeps history of payments of the all students over the year and provide the ability to review and compare.


  • Students information ordered by age
  • Students information ordered by gender
  • Students with delayed payments
  • Students in certain area
  • School fees alert memo
  • Bus fees alert memo
  • Income reports for a period
  • Income summary reports
  • Discounts reports with reasons
  • Detailed users action reports

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