Call accounting software - CallControl

Call Control

Suitable for any business for accounting outgoing, incoming, transferred, international, and local calls. generating detailed and statistical reports

General features

  • Arabic/English user interface
  • Control reports to cover electricity failures, and miss use
  • Operate on SQL, Oracle, or Access
  • Support multiple PBX models (Panasonic, Siemens, LG, Meridian, Chinese, ...)
  • Reverse polarity support
  • Caller ID support
  • Flexible pricing rules for each internal or external line
  • Security management with privileges for each user
  • Management for backup and restore of database
Call watch

Business Features

  • Grouping of extensions for easier reporting
  • Grouping of phone numbers (Personal, clients, ...etc)
  • Support PIN id to follow employee calls from any extension.
  • Calculating incoming, outgoing, and transferred calls.
  • Users activity management and reports
  • Support Line printers to dump calls
  • Detailed and statistical reports for each Department, Group, call type, ...etc within certain period.
  • Dynamic sorting of reports
detailed Reports

Call centers features

  • Separate accounts for different shifts
  • Optional receipt printing with each outgoing call.
  • Loudly reading call information with price, period, and cabin number (two different voices)
  • Customize colors, and fonts
  • Support Home transfer calls
  • Manage clients accounts
  • Animated call center name
  • 4 on screen counters 
  • Detailed and statistical reports
graphical Reports