Pharmacy management - PharmaShop

Pharma Shop - Pharmacy management

Manage pharmacy transactions including sales, purchasing, return, expenses, ...etc.

Provides multiple store management module managing items and items levels with alerts for decreasing items

General features

  • All data needed in one sales screen
  • Manage sales, purchase and return transactions
  • Manage gifts and damaged items
  • Manage cash or credit sales or purchases
  • Manage clients and suppliers data
  • Manage home delivery transactions
  • Manage customers and suppliers accounts
  • Show remaining balance 
  • Sales by expiry date order
  • Alerts on medicines about to finish
  • Search by item name, code, or expiry date
  • Alerts on items near expiry
  • Auto save of data in case of electricity failure
  • Special handling for items in drugs table
  • Security management module for privileges management
  • detailed and statistical reports showing most sold items, and highly profitable items and vise versa.
  • Support medical insurance systems
  • Manage barcode printing.

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